Learning should be fun, exhilarating, and continual.

Learning should be fun, exhilarating, and continual.

Ask yourself three questions?

1. Have you ever dreamed of creating courses that dynamically change to fit each learner, assessing and filling gaps as they go?

2. Do your students love using your learning management system?

3. Do you know what your students know?

Welcome to Virtual Medical Coaching’s adaptive e-coaching modules.

Education is the most important part of a tertiary education institute but delivering the same information to all learners regardless of their needs and abilities is an approach driven by linear methodologies. Adaptive learning is not only more efficient but provides you with the next level of sophistication needed to create more challenging learning designed to engage the mind.

Measure learning effectiveness.

Virtual Medical Coaching has successfully teamed up with Skilitics to give you new teaching and learning tools. You can assess whether courses are truly delivering on learning objectives, and evaluate individual performances of your students as the course progresses. Our combined end to end blended learning training software recently won the first prize from the eLearning Guild in Florida.

Skilitics Interact is a cloud-based analytics tool that captures and reports the real results of students’ learning. Interact is designed to fulfil the needs of even the largest of Universities but can be used in much smaller Colleges too.

This enables you to combine practical skills assessment, Virtual Reality, classroom training, and e-coaching to achieve the ultimate blended delivery.

Interact is purpose-built for creating non-linear training. Rather than building courses that treat every learner the same way, you have the freedom to create courses that dynamically adapt to each learner’s needs and abilities. You may choose to deliver different content based on the results of an activity, the learner’s response to pressure or prior knowledge being exhibited. With Interact, it’s not only possible but fast!


A good assessment is carefully crafted and well written. A great assessment reduces the possibility of guessing and attempts to leave nothing to chance, but the best assessments use context. They layer evidence to provide indicators of understanding and dynamically adjust to each learner’s response.

Interact provides the sophisticated tools you need to build the best assessments giving you the ability to truly challenge your learners and achieve the ROI you need.

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